Advice M
And what for reason the Greek sun set behind the Halicarnassan plain
At the end of the day just kneel and pray
Byrds on a radio telescope
Elspeth dusts the room the table
For My Wife
Frayed is the morn that night has left me
I am child to the aborted sun of Astrachan
I got my poverty for free
I find nothing so delicious
I killed fifteen and you may shoot me
I many times cost meet
Is Romance not Time’s Little Girl ?
It’s ten to five and morning breaks anew
Let there be flowers, let there be trees
Miriam, your name spells memory
Scare not to behold my face as potty
The Age of Lust is giving Birth
The junkie is the man who bleeds
The pound was on the stick
There once was a boy from Hong Kong
The sun at setting sups its last sejours
The weaver sits and spoils his wand
Vale ! and roncan .. meddle meddle
When your blues get the bite on you